what if?

17 Sep

So what do you do if your whole world turns on its head in a moment?

A moment of realisation, a moment of drama, a moment of unwanted truth.  Just imagine:  life is good, you are (mostly) happy.  You have a home, you have people who love you and people who respect you, you eat good food and you feel like you are achieving things which are valuable.  Then, just a small shift of the dime, and you are suddenly looking at the end of it all.

We all believe ‘it won’t happen to me’, we all believe we are special and significant in some way.  Such striking shifts in fortune are stories told by other people; they cannot be for you.

So, what do you do?  How do you continue when in the blink of an eye your world turns upside down?

Life’s plot twists come in so many forms – it can be sickness, death, loss, change of lifestyle, change of place, violence, accident or just an abrupt shift in your perception of reality.  But suddenly you are living in a different life with no experience in navigating the way.

Maybe you are living in a topsy turvey world where you are vulnerable and lost, or maybe you are still in the land of the main character who always wins.  Either way what are your priorities?  Would your priorities change if your world was ending?  And if they would, why don’t you make those your priority today?

I hope (and am hopeful) that I can enjoy the hero’s life in the future (and yes, yes I know the hero falls down again and again – but they also enjoy the rewards for their determined efforts) and my greatest wish is a peaceful life with the people I love and the fruits of the earth that I enjoy.  But if I could not have that… if I had to accept the inevitable end of that dream then what would I do differently?  What are my priorities in Life as opposed to my priorities to make it from one week to the next?

It is time to go back to the jar of my life, what is important and where do I choose to focus.  And, just in case it breaks and falls apart, is there anyone or anything I am missing from my equation?  So now: prioritise, balance and enjoy.  It may all turn on its head any minute, but surely these principles remain to guide me…


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