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12 Jul

A friend of mine recently gave me some good advice: never wish away your time.  You can wish you were somewhere else or doing something else but never wish away a minute of the time you have.

It is so common to hear people doing this “I wish it was Friday” or “I wish this day was over”, and we all slip into this mode on occasion without realising what this means.  Time is the one of the most valuable and irreplaceable resources that you can ever possess, along with your health and unconditional love.  There is a finite amount of time available to each of us and we can never reclaim time which has passed us by.

We can hope and plan for the future, we can look forward to things which are yet to come and we can do all this while living in the moment we have right now.

So next time you catch yourself thinking “I wish it was later already” try changing that thought, I’m going to try wishing I was at the beach!


a little piece of the world

10 Dec

It is truly a magical thing to have your own piece of outdoor space, a little corner of land that is your home.

What a privilege it is to be able to go outside and lie on the grass, to look up at the stars.  To enjoy the perfect sharp sounds of the night, and gaze up at the yellow full moon.  Enjoying the songs of crickets.

And then, when the sun rises and the birds sing, how wonderful it is to see the colours come to life.  Butterflies play on the breeze and the world smells green.

It is these little moments of life that make me feel amazingly lucky.

the eye of the beholder

17 Oct

Beauty, horror and truth are in the eye of the beholder.

How do we each define these concepts, and how do we immediately recognise them in the barrage of sensory stimulation we face each day. What makes one scene, one song, one face in the crowd beautiful to us and yet dull to another? There are some agreed social conventions of beauty, and yet these change continually, each age with its own definition.

  And then horror again can be different  things to different people. The daily job of a surgeon would be horrifying to  others, and yet we rely on their ability to see us cut open, understand us  through our gore and put us back together as though inside we are beautiful and not terrifying.

Finally truth.  A concept intrinsically designed to be unique for each person who identifies with it.

Just find three people who witness the same event from roughly the same perspective, and they will all have slightly different versions of the truth to tell.  And really, we are all just interpreting the world around us from our vantage at any given time, and every beholder is a constantly evolving and shifting lens.

All these perceptions, we are storytellers to our core.  Every moment of every day we are seeing a little piece of life and filtering it through our ideas of the world.  This is our source of imagination and creation: it is this observation and fantasy and our busy minds defining what we believe and how we perceive it.

waste not want not

2 Oct

There’s nothing like being on a budget to make you appreciate the value of every little thing you consume.  Every mouthful of food, the electricity that plays your music and powers your computer, each sip of wine and the roof above your head.

And it’s not just the dollar value but the energy that has gone into making the things you enjoy in life.  The energy to dig the garden and nourish the soil, to plant to nurture and to harvest.  Then the energy to chop and flavour and cook.

Given everything that goes into providing you sustenance, building your home, creating your technology and your entertainment, how can we waste any scrap of it?  Why do we buy food we don’t need and then throw it away because it is past it’s prime, or buy a dress because it’s ‘on sale’ and then never wear it?  What is it that makes us feel so indulgent that we think we can waste anything and still expect to have an abundance available to us at our whim?

So, suddenly when we have little or no money we become thrifty and careful.  We count every item we put into our shopping cart and we plan our meals.  We only buy clothes we need, and we sew the holes in our shirt before we get a new one.  We turn off the lights when we leave the room, and only use the heater when wearing a jumper is not enough.

Imagine if we lived like this all the time, even when we are going through a feast phase and have money enough for whatever we want.  Imagine if we were always thoughtful about what we consume and before every purchase asked ourselves “do I really need this?”  Imagine if we never wasted our food, or our water or any of our resources.  What a different more balanced world we would be living in.

So, the question is: what can you do to be less wasteful and more productive in your everyday life?

For me, I am going to try living like I am on a budget even if that is no longer the case.  I will grow any food I can, plan my meals and only buy food I know I am going to eat.  I will compost my waste wherever I can, and recycle everything I can (both in my own home and in my rubbish).  I will chose to buy things that use less packaging and wherever possible things that are made locally and sustainably.  I will turn off the light when I leave a room, and wear a jacket before I turn on the heater.  And I will make a considered effort to think before I buy and to always appreciate the true value of the things I consume.

I hope that we can all change the way we live either a little or a lot, and  I really hope that is enough to make a difference in the world.  I want to live in balance and I want to appreciate that life.  Here’s hoping that consciousness can spread.

simple pleasures

18 Sep

sunshine after rain

long breakfasts

a book that makes you laugh out loud

a song that gives you shivers

smiles from strangers

art that you would not have imagined

a hug from a friend

waking up to a new day

smells that remind you of childhood

the wind in your hair

the way the world looks in the light after a storm

dangling your toes in water on a summers day

the first flower to bloom before spring

getting your hands dirty

memories that make you smile

feeling loved

sharing a good meal

the sound of the ocean

learning something new and discovering your good at it


freshly picked herbs

music that moves you

what if?

17 Sep

So what do you do if your whole world turns on its head in a moment?

A moment of realisation, a moment of drama, a moment of unwanted truth.  Just imagine:  life is good, you are (mostly) happy.  You have a home, you have people who love you and people who respect you, you eat good food and you feel like you are achieving things which are valuable.  Then, just a small shift of the dime, and you are suddenly looking at the end of it all.

We all believe ‘it won’t happen to me’, we all believe we are special and significant in some way.  Such striking shifts in fortune are stories told by other people; they cannot be for you.

So, what do you do?  How do you continue when in the blink of an eye your world turns upside down?

Life’s plot twists come in so many forms – it can be sickness, death, loss, change of lifestyle, change of place, violence, accident or just an abrupt shift in your perception of reality.  But suddenly you are living in a different life with no experience in navigating the way.

Maybe you are living in a topsy turvey world where you are vulnerable and lost, or maybe you are still in the land of the main character who always wins.  Either way what are your priorities?  Would your priorities change if your world was ending?  And if they would, why don’t you make those your priority today?

I hope (and am hopeful) that I can enjoy the hero’s life in the future (and yes, yes I know the hero falls down again and again – but they also enjoy the rewards for their determined efforts) and my greatest wish is a peaceful life with the people I love and the fruits of the earth that I enjoy.  But if I could not have that… if I had to accept the inevitable end of that dream then what would I do differently?  What are my priorities in Life as opposed to my priorities to make it from one week to the next?

It is time to go back to the jar of my life, what is important and where do I choose to focus.  And, just in case it breaks and falls apart, is there anyone or anything I am missing from my equation?  So now: prioritise, balance and enjoy.  It may all turn on its head any minute, but surely these principles remain to guide me…


11 Sep

Almost every day I am plugged in to technology, and it seems to be the case for everyone else around me.

When I catch the train I am plugged into my iPod, then I either use my phone to connect to the online world or I read my kindle.  Some days I will just watch the world go by or observe my fellow passengers, but even then I am plugged in to my headphones.  And nearly everybody I ride with is doing the same, they are playing on their phones, listening to their private land of music or otherwise electronically occupying their time.  It is so rare to see people unplugged and just experiencing the physicality of the world they are travelling in.

Am I missing out on the world?  Has it changed in some subtle way I haven’t even noticed yet..?  Could the sounds or sights have altered from my childhood when I used to play house in the trees?

So, time to unplug for a while.  Turn off the tv, switch off the phone, just look out the window and listen to the sounds of the day.  Let’s hope I still have the attention span for it.

small moments

5 Sep

Some days just feel good.  There doesn’t have to be a big celebration, just a series of small moments which make you feel alive.

You wake up in the morning and the sun is shining and the sky is pale blue, there are new flowers and budding green growth everywhere you go, a song you really love plays on the radio, people smile wherever you go, you get some good news, you feel productive and it is effortless, someone you love gets good news, outside smells green and verdant, everything feels in its place and you walk tall.

I love the start of spring, and I love living life for all the little things which lift my spirit.  There is wonder in the steamy smell of eucalypt in the warm air after the rain.

Everything may turn on its head tomorrow, but for now, for today, for this moment it feels good and fresh and alive.

I am making a fresh commitment to creativity.  With the living buzz on the air, anything must be possible.

living in flux

24 Aug

A constant state of fluctuation.  The ordinary rollercoaster of life.

One day you are motivated, determined and confident.  The next day you are lethargic, procrastinating and flat.  And of course there is the whole range of emotions you experience in between these highs and lows: elation, happiness, depression, sadness, anger, frustration, satisfaction and the list goes on and on.

And this can all happen in the course of an ordinary day.  It’s the little things that swing you up and down, and then on occasion there’s big events, but it’s the little things that sneakily chip away.

How do we maintain the upswing?  How do you stay positive and inspired, how do you keep yourself trying to do better, to be better…

What else can we do but persevere.  Perseverance is the only thing which has ever really proven to be essential to success.

So, yes life fluctuates every day and we swing back and forth along with it, but if we hold true to what we believe in and keep striving for our dreams we can (eventually) achieve the life we hope to lead.  There will be days where you just don’t seem to have the stamina, and that is when you need to take a short rest and contemplate the fact that all great heroes fail and then they get up again and again and persist.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race” – Calvin Coolidge

I may be living in flux.  I may be motivated one day and procrastinating the next, but I will always remember to keep on keeping on.

I believe in persistence and I believe in enjoying the rollercoaster journey wherever you can.  Every up and down and plateau in between means I am alive and living and then there is always hope.  I have hope (and a stubborn streak I am counting on!)

Water Crystals – the impact of music and intention on water and on us

20 Aug

These experiments by Masaru Emoto on the effects of music and words on water are truly amazing.  As human beings are made up of 70% water it makes sense that we would be dramatically effected as well, which explains some of those deep down reactions you have to the sounds around you and the words you listen to.

In this study water from around the world was slowly frozen to form crystals (each one unique of course like any snowflake); where the water was from would change the crystal structure.  When the water was clean and healthy it formed beautiful crystals, when it was polluted it was as if it couldn’t make any structure to the crystal at all.

Then they introduced music.  We all know music makes us feel and we naturally gravitate towards sounds that make us feel full and joyous and strong, and we flinch when music seems to grate against us.  Water does the same.  They exposed water samples to different music before crystallisation, the intricate forms of the crystals responded to the sounds; most were variations of delicate beauty, but a few like heavy metal were fractured.

As this continued they then considered positive and negative language, samples were left over night with words or phrases in various languages before being crystallised.  Positive sentiments like thanks and love formed elaborate and lovely crystals, while negative statements like killing and disgust so distorted the crystals they were like polluted water.

The next time you feel an instinctual reaction to sound or even to thought, remember you are mostly water and water has great sensitivity to the stimulus around it.

Aim to be positive, healthy and surrounded by that which gives you joy.  When this is not possible, then just give yourself as much stimuli as you can find to give you a clear and beautiful inner soul.  We do all need darkness to appreciate the light.  Focusing on things that make you feel more complete will simply help you see the world in full, and make your water sing.  Be intricate and whole, choose to think positively and enjoy beauty.