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The reality of possibility

9 Jul

Is it so impossible to believe that there is more to the world than what you can see and touch?  Surely then, it is reasonable to presume that there are more things that are beyond our comprehension which do in fact exist.

And, isn’t this concept the basis of all exploration, all creative thought, certainly it is the fundamental belief which drives not just mystisism but also science.

So, then there must be some creedence to mythology too.  All around the world, throughout all of human history, there have been myths, fairy tales, ghost stories, spirits and folk lore.  They must have some truth, some basis in reality.  Why else would the same concepts of higher beings and other connected worlds exist in cultures which are completely isolated from one another.

My atheist friend would tell you that the right chemical imbalance in your brain will make you believe anything.  That anyone who believes they experience something paranormal is simply chemically altered.

A simple explanation.  Well suited to a world that believes itself to be the highest form of evolution, that demands physical evidence for any truth.  But is it really likely that so many people, all over this planet, throughout all the history of humanity have been chemically imbalanced?  Or, from a purely logical standpoint, is it not more likely that some of it is true?

I agree that such things are bigger than our normal understanding of the world.  And, it is quite likely that the stories we have told to explain these experiences are probably distorted.  But, they originate from somewhere genuine.  Where they begin and what they represent is the truly interesting part.

The reality of possibility.