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12 Jul

A friend of mine recently gave me some good advice: never wish away your time.  You can wish you were somewhere else or doing something else but never wish away a minute of the time you have.

It is so common to hear people doing this “I wish it was Friday” or “I wish this day was over”, and we all slip into this mode on occasion without realising what this means.  Time is the one of the most valuable and irreplaceable resources that you can ever possess, along with your health and unconditional love.  There is a finite amount of time available to each of us and we can never reclaim time which has passed us by.

We can hope and plan for the future, we can look forward to things which are yet to come and we can do all this while living in the moment we have right now.

So next time you catch yourself thinking “I wish it was later already” try changing that thought, I’m going to try wishing I was at the beach!


changing habits

22 Apr

The habits of complacency are hard to break.  They sneak so softly into your life you may not even notice them.

It’s so easy to point the finger of blame at things outside of yourself; work, upbringing, love, loss.  But in the end we each choose our own life.  We choose which of our circumstances we accept and which we will change.

It is scary when you realise you’ve gone so far down a path you don’t remember your way back.  It’s scary to commit to change.  To determine that even though you may fall you will keep on getting up and pushing forward.

And so the hero is afraid, and faces failure more often than success.  But the hero picks themself up and tries again and again until in the end they are triumphant.

Yes, it is scary to shake up the pattern of your life however comfortable it may seem.  But it is far more tragic to think you may miss out on life if you don’t.  So out of a desire for life I struggle.  I struggle to find the energies and passions that once drove me to action.  I struggle for momentum and for zest.

I sit here in the morning sun, listening to a magpie’s song.  I am so in love with life, how could I forget.  When I look at the world through a child’s eye, with all its wonders all around, I could not bear to miss a moment of it.

And so I struggle.  And so I must succeed.

a little piece of the world

10 Dec

It is truly a magical thing to have your own piece of outdoor space, a little corner of land that is your home.

What a privilege it is to be able to go outside and lie on the grass, to look up at the stars.  To enjoy the perfect sharp sounds of the night, and gaze up at the yellow full moon.  Enjoying the songs of crickets.

And then, when the sun rises and the birds sing, how wonderful it is to see the colours come to life.  Butterflies play on the breeze and the world smells green.

It is these little moments of life that make me feel amazingly lucky.

the eye of the beholder

17 Oct

Beauty, horror and truth are in the eye of the beholder.

How do we each define these concepts, and how do we immediately recognise them in the barrage of sensory stimulation we face each day. What makes one scene, one song, one face in the crowd beautiful to us and yet dull to another? There are some agreed social conventions of beauty, and yet these change continually, each age with its own definition.

  And then horror again can be different  things to different people. The daily job of a surgeon would be horrifying to  others, and yet we rely on their ability to see us cut open, understand us  through our gore and put us back together as though inside we are beautiful and not terrifying.

Finally truth.  A concept intrinsically designed to be unique for each person who identifies with it.

Just find three people who witness the same event from roughly the same perspective, and they will all have slightly different versions of the truth to tell.  And really, we are all just interpreting the world around us from our vantage at any given time, and every beholder is a constantly evolving and shifting lens.

All these perceptions, we are storytellers to our core.  Every moment of every day we are seeing a little piece of life and filtering it through our ideas of the world.  This is our source of imagination and creation: it is this observation and fantasy and our busy minds defining what we believe and how we perceive it.