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20 Nov
little shards
of a shattered mind
strands of self
scatter in the wind
your reflection
is fractured
where the cracks show
a spider web view
giving away pieces
of my person
chunks of heart and soul
worth less than time
snatching moments
to feel whole again
and my mind drifts
like confetti
dancing on the breeze

we are made of

23 Oct
Devour my mind
Awaken my body
Softly in shadows
Meld our flesh
I take you
To feed the fire
Consume my heart
Renew my sight
As one we expand
To envelop everything
Ocean, trees, creatures
All lives inside us
We are made of
Laughter, tears, light

I dream

4 Sep
I dream of sweetness
I dream of salt
I dream of bodies,
and lips, and tongues, and tears
I dream of you
In a room
By a window
Washed in moonlight
I dream of silent words
And murmuring heartbeats
I dream of forests
And colours
And water
And night
I dream of you
And in my dreams
You hold me and rock me
And your eyes sparkle
I dream of violets
And echoes
And chances
And clouds
And my dreams
Are like the wind.


26 Aug
latent dreaming
am i as strong
as my will desires?
can i conquer
my gnawing uncertainties?
to question
even in the face
of revelation
even in the face
of death
a loophole in time
which piece to move

em 15th july 1999