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11 Sep

Almost every day I am plugged in to technology, and it seems to be the case for everyone else around me.

When I catch the train I am plugged into my iPod, then I either use my phone to connect to the online world or I read my kindle.  Some days I will just watch the world go by or observe my fellow passengers, but even then I am plugged in to my headphones.  And nearly everybody I ride with is doing the same, they are playing on their phones, listening to their private land of music or otherwise electronically occupying their time.  It is so rare to see people unplugged and just experiencing the physicality of the world they are travelling in.

Am I missing out on the world?  Has it changed in some subtle way I haven’t even noticed yet..?  Could the sounds or sights have altered from my childhood when I used to play house in the trees?

So, time to unplug for a while.  Turn off the tv, switch off the phone, just look out the window and listen to the sounds of the day.  Let’s hope I still have the attention span for it.