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the eye of the beholder

17 Oct

Beauty, horror and truth are in the eye of the beholder.

How do we each define these concepts, and how do we immediately recognise them in the barrage of sensory stimulation we face each day. What makes one scene, one song, one face in the crowd beautiful to us and yet dull to another? There are some agreed social conventions of beauty, and yet these change continually, each age with its own definition.

  And then horror again can be different  things to different people. The daily job of a surgeon would be horrifying to  others, and yet we rely on their ability to see us cut open, understand us  through our gore and put us back together as though inside we are beautiful and not terrifying.

Finally truth.  A concept intrinsically designed to be unique for each person who identifies with it.

Just find three people who witness the same event from roughly the same perspective, and they will all have slightly different versions of the truth to tell.  And really, we are all just interpreting the world around us from our vantage at any given time, and every beholder is a constantly evolving and shifting lens.

All these perceptions, we are storytellers to our core.  Every moment of every day we are seeing a little piece of life and filtering it through our ideas of the world.  This is our source of imagination and creation: it is this observation and fantasy and our busy minds defining what we believe and how we perceive it.


mountain vistas

6 Oct

There’s nothing like a drive up the mountain to remind you of the magic and mystery in the world which you recognised as a child.

The winding green drive; bordered by tree-ferns and mountain ash.  And those tantalising peeks to the vast land that stretches out beyond the mountain range.  Even the light is different, charged with vitality and secret life.

I remember wonder.  I remember possibility…